About Me

Behind the Name: Rennvalley

I think a lot of us can think of a time when we were going through so many different things all at once. Some call it rock bottom, here we call it a valley, RennValley. They say once you hit rock bottom the only way you can go is up. I decided to name it a valley because I want to meet you where you are. Often times people turn to the gym when they are at their lowest, they have forgotten who they are, what they are capable of, and I believe that if you keep showing up, there ain’t a valley low enough! I know and have felt the emotional, physical, mental benefits of exercise and proper nutrition. Unfortunately, I also know firsthand what happens when I do not make movement and food my priority. One thing that hinders people on their journey is fully adapting to a mindset change. You must accept (not love) where you are at in life, as well as your body. Your body is deserving of acceptance (and eventually love) through every stage. The way you view and talk about yourself is so important! Once you have accepted where you are, commit yourself to the process and trust that it works…..
– Just keep showing up! When it feels like the process is taking too long or it’s too hard return to your why to remind you of why you even started in the first place. I BELIEVE IN YOU AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR MAKING IT TO THIS STEP!


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My Why

Everyone has their own poison they use to escape reality and feel an immediate sense of relief. I am not here to speak ill of what other people do but l have always had a high off life mentality and experience. I owe that to consistently moving my body every day and properly fueling with yummy nutritious foods (and foods that make me happy shortly after. Every day is not the same nor perfect, but I know if I can do those two things, then I will get a natural release of dopamine and endorphins that tend to help me in every other aspect of life. Because of an active lifestyle, I am more confident in and outside of the gym. Because of this lifestyle I am more empowered to show up and help others throughout their journeys. I move my body to have a better quality of life as I gracefully age, to move without limitation, to play with my fur babies and nieces and nephews as I get older. The gym is where I go to focus on me, to relieve stress, and/or anxiety. I know if I can complete a workout, I can do other difficult things in life outside the gym. Every day I show up for myself, so I can be the best version of myself for the world and people around me.