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If you’ve ever wanted to give up on your fitness journey, just know I understand your frustrations. You have come to the right place and I will be with you every step of the way to overcome illness and live your best life.

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17 Years as an athlete, 5 years as a personal trainer, a lifetime of knowledge.

I had the honor of playing competitive sports ever since I was little. You can hear all about my stories as we grow together. As I got older I wanted to learn more about recovery and ways to get stronger, so I completed over 500 hours assisting the athletic trainers at my school and later competing in a sports medicine competition.
Here 17 years later I continue to learn as a personal trainer spreading my knowledge and experience.

The Rennvalley Method

clear, simple, affordable, and progressive workout programming and nutritional help for your lifestyle.

nutrition guidance

Diets don’t last, you should be able to enjoy any food without guilt.

mindset change

Many people give up within the first 6 months of starting something new. Lets discuss your obstacles and fears early so we know what to look for.

realistic habit / behavior monitoring

After we know those fears we will continuously monitor because life happens, and that’s okay setbacks are normal.

progressive workouts

As we get stronger, and crush our goals, our workouts should reflect that.

time management

Children, work, school, hobbies, social media, pets, family. How do we find the time to eat, let alone workout?

the ideal client

why should I choose this program?

To discover lifelong fitness that fits your life, that’s why

Services Offered

if YOU feel like the above speaks to you, here’s how I can help:

1-1 training online or in person

•30, 60, 90 Minute options
•Advanced and individualized workouts
•My undivided attention
•Daily homework

online group membership($35 a month)

•Online support via group with weekly lives
•Monthly check-ins
•Weekly lives
•Group support

nutritional guidance & other add-ons

•Nutritional guidance via ebooks, macro tracking, grocery tours
•Daily check-ins
•Meal prep ideas
•Macro tracking guidance

Hello my name is Renee

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life, but there’s so much information out there so many programs, some good, some flat-out harmful. As your Personal Trainer I would love to see you evolve throughout your wellness journey through proper education, support, and accountability. I do not believe in diets or quick fixes, but rather offering my experience and certified knowledge to help you make lifelong changes. For example, I do not believe in limiting any food, gaining fat,comes from overeating calories not from eating foods that are deemed unhealthy. You should be able to eat whatever you want without feeling guilt, to make your body happy, to fuel your workouts.

Growth comes from noticing how nutritious foods make you feel versus “unhealthy” foods. I am here to support and push you throughout our time together. All I ask is you trust me, the process, commit to your why, and the aesthetics will come! But you must put the work in (remember I will be here every step of the way), which is why it is important to find a movement you enjoy. I have been an athlete as long as I could walk, I currently study human behavior in school, and I have tried out many different activities, so l’m positive we will find you one that fits and deal with any unpleasant behaviors. Starting is always the hardest part but I will meet you where you feel comfortable. As you learn new exercises and feel yourself getting stronger (recognizing that you are showing up for yourself this will build your confidence, boost your mental health, and so much more.
Your bod is not defined by its physical appearance but what it can do. I meet you where you are mentally, take your past and present injuries into consideration, address possible obstacles and/or behaviors we might face along the way and create a program designed solely for you to build a stronger and more confident, nourished you!

much love,


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